Miichiki Store (hereinafter referred to as "our shop"), we consider our privacy protection in the operation of our shop website (hereinafter referred to as "this site"). In addition, personal information provided by the user will strive to protect appropriateness and privacy based on the following criteria:

About using personal information

This shop uses personal information as long as it is necessary to carry out business within the scope of the purpose of use in the acquisition.

About the third part of personal information

Personal information provided by the user will not provide personal information to a third party unless the person's consent is unless you have a confidentiality of our shop and there is a request for disclosure based on laws and regulations.

Implementation of safety management measures for personal information

This shop will manage personal information safely by carrying out the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage to personal information to be handled.

About disclosure, correction, use stop, erase of personal information

This shop confirms that the person has the right to find out, correction, stop, erase, etc. for its own personal information, and if you have these requests, respond promptly in a reasonable range To do.

Change this privacy policy

The privacy policy may change as needed, such as when there is a change in law or the like.